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Chief Administrative Officer Noah Lirette

You are requesting Dumas Auditorium as one of the venues for this event. While the parish owns and operates Dumas Auditorium, Recreation District 11 owns and operates all the property surrounding the auditorium.
** Please notify Recreation District 11 of this event. 985-873-6497. **

Application for Co-Sponsorship

The constitutional norm for the lawful use of public funds and property is found in the Louisiana Constitution, Article VIII, Section 14 (1974).
Co-sponsorship of events may be authorized by the Council, not to exceed $600, if:

  1. The event serves a public purpose for the expenditure or transfer that agrees with the governmental purpose the public entity has legal authority to pursue; and
  2. The expenditure or transfer, taken as a whole, does not appear to be gratuitous; and
  3. The public entity has a demonstrable, objective, and reasonable expectation of receiving at least equivalent value in exchange for the expenditure or transfer of public funds
* Please note that your organization will be billed any amount over the set limit.

Use of the official Terrebonne Parish Seal
sample Terrebonne Parish seal

The official parish seal may be used with written consent of the Parish President or his duly authorized Parish Manager. A fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500) per violation shall be levied on any person who violates this provision.
More info on Sec. 1-18. - Terrebonne Parish official seal...

Event Details

If requesting a venue, it is your responsibility to contact the venue and confirm availability for your event.

NOTE: Effective Monday, January 3, 2022, there will be an increase in the hourly rate for servcies provided by Houma Police Department. The new rate will be $45.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum per officer.

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Additional Details
If selling tickets, what is the cost of a ticket?
Contact Information
Official Co-Sponsorship Policy

The Parish government remains committed to supporting the efforts of civic and non-profit organizations within the parish. Co-sponsorship of local events is one way we have can assist your organization. However, in an effort to maximize the number of organizations we can assist, the level of our participation must be limited to the resources available. In that regard, the following policy has been established:

Terrebonne Parish may provide up to $600.00 of “in-kind” services during any one year to any single organization that meets the legal and budgetary threshold for approval by the Parish Council. If the request is approved, the parish can cover the cost of event insurance coverage, and provide other in-kind services not to exceed the $600.00 limit.

Terrebonne Parish will also make reasonable accommodations for the use of crowd control barricades to organizations or groups at no charge. A $250.00 refundable deposit will be required to insure the return of all barricades in the condition they were received. The requesting organization or group is responsible for pick-up, set-up and return of the barricades. The use of parish vehicles or trailers to transport barricades will not be allowed.

All other event related costs that exceed the $600.00 in-kind limit, such as security, electric service, trash collection and other services will be the responsibility of the organization or group coordinating the event. This form will determine your eligibility for co-sponsorship.

On behalf of the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government, we applaud your efforts and commitment to the Terrebonne Parish and look forward to working with your organization.

WARNING: If requested under the Public Records Law, a requested anonymous posting may not be anonymous. While some anonymous requests may be subject to Public Records exemption statutes, others may not.


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  • Monday thru Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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  • 8026 Main Street, 7th floor
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Mailing Address

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