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Animal Adoption Form

Applicant Information
Please tell us about your home
Please tell us about yourself and your family

List ALL the people currently living in your household (including yourself):

Please tell us about your pet history

List all pets currently in the household AND ALL PREVIOUS pets within the past 5 years:

Animal NameType of AnimalWhere is the animal now?Animal's Vet Clinic
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Total hours per day pet will be left alone:

I understand that TPAS can deny an adoption if this application contains any false or misleading information. By submitting this form, I am giving my consent for my veterinarian to release all information regarding all of my animals (past and/or present) to TPAS, its employees, and/or agents. I hereby accept the terms of the TPAS adoption agreement. Completion of this application does not guarantee that I will be allowed to adopt. Shelter Staff reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone.

WARNING: If requested under the Public Records Law, a requested anonymous posting may not be anonymous. While some anonymous requests may be subject to Public Records exemption statutes, others may not.

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