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In accordance with Section 5-02(a) of the Home Rule Charter, the Terrebonne Parish Council has scheduled public hearings on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at *6:30 p.m. at the Robert J. Bergeron Government Tower Building, 8026 Main Suite 2nd Floor Council Meeting Room, Houma, LA, which shall be live streamed on the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government’s Facebook page. The purpose of the hearing is to obtain public input on the proposed documents that are being published by titles below:


April 14, 2021


6:30 P.M.


An ordinance to amend the 2021 Adopted Operating Budget and 5-Year Capital Outlay Budget of the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government for the following items and to provide for related matters:

  1. Animal Shelter-donations, $4,541
  2. General Fund-Membership Dues, $20,000
  3. General Fund-Other Fees, $25,000
  4. Valhi Drainage Improvements, $153,747
  5. FMA Flood Mitigation, $255,456
  6. FTA-City of Thibodaux, $3,300
  7. FTA-City of Thibodaux, $30,000;


An ordinance to dedicate and accept the maintenance/operation of the street(s), drainage servitudes, sewer, and rights-of-way for “Parc Evangeline Subdivision, Phase A”;


An ordinance to enact a moratorium, effective through May 30, 2021, on (1) the purchase of immovable property by any Recreation District in Terrebonne Parish and (2) the presentation by any Recreation District in Terrebonne Parish to the Council of any bond issues; to provide for related matters;


An ordinance to authorize the acquisition of property, sites, and/or servitudes required for drainage projects, including the project known as the Gouaux Avenue Pump Station and/or 1-1B and other related projects, past, present and future, which involves property towards the end of Gouaux Avenue and/or in the vicinity for drainage and/or drainage related purposes and/or retention area and/or flowage area;  authorize the Parish President to execute any and all documents necessary to acquire sites, property, and/or servitudes for the said purposes; to authorize the Parish Legal Staff to commence expropriation proceedings in the event sites, property, and/or servitudes cannot be obtained conventionally, to declare that the taking, if required, is necessary and useful for the benefit of the public; and to provide for other matters relative thereto.


For a copy of the proposed documents, contact the Council Office during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., 873-6519).  or additional information, you may also view the Parish Web Page at






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