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Floodplain Manager Lisa Ledet


FEMA Flood Insurance Rate (Historic) Maps of Terrebonne Parish Prior for Use Prior to September 7, 2023

These are historic maps and are to be used for reference purpose only. Any questions concerning the FEMA maps can be directed to Lisa Ledet.

These images are very large in size. It is not recommended that you try to view these in your browser. It is recommended that you right click on the image file that you would like to view and then click Save Target As. This is not recommended to do over a dial-up internet connection. File sizes range from 2mb through 9mb each. These are only the maps where the location can be reached by roadways. There is a key for these images. Here is the Key file.

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  Image File Description of file
  220220 0010C Airbase, Hwy 24(Main Street) to City Limits
  225206 0110C Hope Farm Road, Hwy 665, Hwy 55, Aragon Road
  225206 0115C Bayou Blue Road, Matherne Cemetery, Boquet Street
  225206 0120C Hwy 24, Country Drive, Klondyke, Aragon Road, Bayouside Drive, Hwy 55
  225206 0130C Hwy 665, Hardware store, St. Charles Church, Memory Lane
  225206 0135C Exxon Road, Pointe Au Barre Road
  225206 0140C Hwy 56, Village Drive, Bayouside Drive/ Laparouse, Bonnie, Hwy 55 Pump Station, Crochetville Road
  225206 0145C Hwy 56, Bayouside Road, Toussaint Bridge, Parish Landing, Exxon Co. Road, Crochetville Road, Hwy 55, Parish Landing.
  225206 0175C Hwy 56, Hwy 55, Lagniappe Grocery
  225206 0245C Bayou Blue Road, Hwy 316, Timberwood to Hwy 182 intersection, Coteau Road, Country Estate Drive to Faith Trailer Park
  225206 0025C Point Au Chien from 1 mile north of Assembly of God Church to St. Peters's Church and boat landing
  225206 0255C Bayou Blue Road to Bayou Blue Chapel, Coteau Road from Zifful Trailer Park to Bayou Blue Coteau Intersection, Park Ave., Carriage Cove to South Terrebonne, Main Street from Acklein to Presqule Isle, Airbase, Grand Caillou Road Industrial Boulevard.
  225206 0260C La. 24, Lecompte, Country Drive, Benton, Bayouside Drive Hwy 56, Harold Trailer Parl. Grand Caillou Road Dishman to Ashland South Plantation.
  225206 0265C Park Ave., Westside Blvd., Main Street, Ziegler, East Street, Slatter Street, City of Houma.
  225206 0270C Bayou Dularge, Mulberry to Lecompte Trailer Park.
  225206 0280C Grand Caillou Road, Cedar Grove Road, Grand Caillou Middle School
  225206 0290C Hwy 57, Hwy 61, Jasmin, Ruby, Hwy 315, Highridge Drive, St. Michel Plantation Road.
  225206 0295C Hwy 57, Ruby, Holy Family Cemetery, Prevost Cemetery, 4 Way Lounage.
  225206 0305C Bayou Sale Road, Hwy 56, Delmas Drive, Tou Lou Lou Bridge.
  225206 0310C Hwy 56, Bayou Sale Road, Laparouse Store, Coca Marina
  225206 0315C Hwy 57, Four Point Road, Bayou Sale Road, Sunshine Landing, Parish Boat Landing, Shrimpers Row, Terrebonne Fuel & Lube
  225206 0320C Parish Road 67, Reach Out Landing
  225260 0350C Cocodrie
  225206 0385C Devils Swamp Road, Livas Lane, Johnson Ridge, Audubon Drive, East Thibodeaux By Pass.
  225206 0395C Main Project Road, Julia Road, Hwy 3185, Hwy 20 to Parish Line in Thibodeaux
  225206 0405C Hwy 24 Schriever Overpass, Country Boy # 2 Trailer Park, Hwy 311, First Street, Bayou Blue By-Pass Road, Hwy 316.
  225206 0410C Hwy 24, Garden Of Memories Cemetery, Bellair, Front Street, Hwy 311, St. Luke Church Cemetery, Ellendale Blvd., Coteau Road, Broadmoore Subdivision
  225206 0415C Hwy 20, Main Project Road, Hwy 311 to Hwy 90 Overpass, Schriever Overpass
  225206 0420C Hwy 311, Hwy 90 Overpass, Lumen Christi, Bull Run Road to Sunlight Church, Ringo Cocke Road.
  225206 0430C Main Street, Park Ave., Roy, Bellair, Martin Luther King, Hollywood Road, Hwy 311, Talbot Drive, Security Blvd., Southdown Mandalay Road, Hwy 182, Constance, St. Anthony Church & Cemetery.
  225206 0435C Hwy 182(Bayou Black), Bayou Black Recreation Center, Bayou Dularge, Vice Road, Charles Brien Road, Falgout Lane
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