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All Stores Must Provide Security Detail, Cart Sanitizing, and Hand Sanitizer

Sunday April 05, 2020 10:55 am - 1760 Views - Posted By Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
All Stores Must Provide Security Detail, Cart Sanitizing, and Hand Sanitizer

From the office of Parish President Gordon Dove:

To further prevent the spread of the virus, Parish President Gordon Dove is requiring all grocery stores, pharmacies and big box stores to provide a person (i.e., store personnel, security guard, law enforcement detail) at the entrance of the store to enforce the number of persons allowed into the store and the six-foot distancing requirement.

President Dove is also requiring that all stores provide hand sanitizer at the entrance of the stores for customer use and the disinfecting of all shopping carts between each customer use.

Only one person per family should go to the store or essential business and you should only purchase essential items. Now is not the time to browse the stores. Please go into the store, purchase your essential items and return home to allow other customers the opportunity to shop.

Everyone should continue to practice social distancing and not have family or friend gatherings. You may have coronavirus with no symptoms (asymptomatic) and spread the virus to others or others that think they do not have coronavirus because they do not have symptoms may spread it to you. Please stay at you own home unless you need essential items and do not visit family or friends unless necessary.

Do your part, wash your hands, cough or sneeze into the crease of your elbow, stay at home, stop the spread, flatten the curve!

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