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Manager Angela Guidry


Contract Information

Bid Number Description Vendor Amount Expiration Date
17-PLAN-23 (rebid) Annual Contract for Grass Cutting and Offensive Accumulations Norris & Boudreaux $29,160.00 (est) 01/05/2019
17-UTL-33 Annual Maintenance Contract for Utilities - Requirements Norris & Boudreaux $162,731.00 12/31/2018
17-REC-40 Annual Purchase of t-shirts and caps JNC Supplies Requirements 12/31/2018
Service Contract Annual Service Contract / Maintenance of Cemeteries & Various Locations Exterior Designs $64800.00 12/31/2018
Negotiated Contract Annual Service Contract Mowing / Maintenance of Boulevards Green Scapes of Louisiana 71,172.00 12/31/2018
Service Contract Annual Service Contract Mowing / Maintenance of Parks & Grounds Exterior Designs $109,440.00 12/31/2018
RFQ Annual Service Contract Mowing / Maintenance of Sewer Lift Stations & Treatment Plant Facilities AMR''s Lawn & Landscape $19,176.00 12/31/2018
17-EMGSW-26 Disaster Recovery Debris Management & Removal Services Ceres Environment Requirements 09/08/2018
17-EMGSW-26 Disaster Recovery Debris Mgmt & Removal Services DRC Emergency Requirements 09/08/2018
RFP Disaster Recovery Debris Monitoring & Management Services Thompson Consulting Services, LLC Requirements 05/09/2017
17-WHSE-09 Industrial Inventory Products Various Requirements 04/17/2018
N/A Janitorial Services for Various Parish Departments Service Master $51,569.44
N/A Janitorial Services for Varous Parish Departments OCS $321,308.00 12/31/2018
Negotiated Contract Meter Reading Services Baker Services Requirements 01/26/2019
15-MOSQ-16 Mosquito Control Program Terrebonne Mosquito Control $568,127.04 (est per year) 07/21/2021
12-FUEL-23 Offsite Fuel Consignment - Requirements Contract FuelMan OPIS + .1690 gas, .1790 on-rd diesel
16-PEST-62 Pest Control Services Fon's Pest Management Requirements 01/11/2018
12-CJD-53 Pharmaceutical Services and Supplies for the TPCJC Contract Pharmacy Services, Inc. WAC minus various %
16-SAND-16 (rebid) Pumped River Sand - Deliver and Self-Haul Requirements Contract Byron E. Talbot requirements 07/20/2018
17-RB-21 Purchase of Aggregate Materials Contract Vulcan Materials Requirements 06/30/2019
18-WHSE-03 Purchase of N/U Electrical Inventory Products Various Requirements 02/21/2019
17-WHSE-07 Purchase of New/Unused Correctional Facility Supplies (12 months requirement contract) Various Requirments Contract 04/17/2018
17-WHSE-32 Purchase of New/Unused Gas Materials for Department Use (12 month requirements contract) Various Requirements Contract 10/12/2018
16-WHSE-08 Purchase of New/Unused Gas Meters (Inventory) LUSCO Requirements Contract
17-WHSE-08 Purchase of New/Unused Janitorial Inventory Products (12 months) Various Requirements Contract 04/17/2018
18-POLCON-11 Purchase of One Ton Cylinders of Sulfur Dioxide for STP DPC Enterprise 874.00 each 05/15/2019
18-WHSE-04 Purchase of Recreation Team Sports Equipment (2018) Various Requirements 03/29/2019
Purchase of Various Oils and Lubricants Reliant Technologies Requirements
16-FUEL-11 Requirements Contract for Bulk Fuel (Delivered and pickup) Gulf Coast Fuel & Lube Requirements 05/10/2019
16-OEPEMG-20 Sanitary Services in Support of Emergency Operations Bush Fire & Active Deployment Emergency 06/24/2018
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