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Members and Staff

Members and Staff
May 2016

(standing left to right)  Christopher Pulaski, Planning & Zoning Director; Jeremy Kelley, Member;
Wayne Thibodeaux, Member; Joey Cehan, Member; Angi Falgout, Secretary/Treasurer; Keith Kurtz, Member;
Laddie Freeman, Commission Attorney; Gerald Schouest, Member; Becky Becnel, Minute Clerk

(seated left to right)  W. Alex Ostheimer, Vice-Chairman; Dr. L.A. “Budd” Cloutier, Chairman; James Erny, Member

Planning Commission Members

L.A. "Budd" Cloutier, Jr., O.D. Chairman (985) 851-4855 or (985) 872-2020
Barry Soudelier or (985) 790-0171
Angi Falgout Secretary/Treasurer (985) 855-4512
Joey Cehan Commissioner (985) 873-8705
Kyle Faulk Commissioner
Robbie Liner Commissioner (985) 688-9225
Keith P. Kurtz Commissioner (985) 594-9410
Phillip Livas Commissioner
Wayne Thibodeaux Commissioner (985) 872-3237

Planning Staff

Christopher Pulaski Director (985) 873-6569
Laddie Freeman Commission Attorney (985) 873-6500
Becky Becnel Minute Clerk (985) 873-6793