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Terrebonne Parish Mosquito Awareness

Tuesday April 29, 2014 07:57 am - 1056 Views - Posted By Vegetation
Terrebonne Parish Mosquito Awareness

Warmer weather and recent rains bring mosquitoes, midge flies, and crane flies. Mosquito season is in full swing! 2014 May have started off as a slower than normal mosquito season due to the coldest temperatures in nearly 30 years, but it has the potential to be an above normal mosquito season due to recent rains earlier this year. Last year’s (2012-2013) warmer than normal winter and spring season brought an abundance of mosquitoes to Terrebonne Parish and many eggs were laid for this year. Recent rains and warmer temperatures are producing a perfect mosquito hatch off event of those dormant mosquito eggs. Generally, rainfall amounts and warmer temperatures have a great impact on whether large numbers of mosquitoes will be prevalent in any given year. Jessie Boudreaux, Jr. with Cajun Mosquito Control, LLC stated that we are seeing breeding in Terrebonne and St. Martin Parishes, as a reflection of the warmer temperatures and rains that have occurred over the last few weeks. This is a phenomenon that is occurring all along the southern Louisiana coast. ULV Truck spraying is in full operation, weather and wind permitting. We would like to ask and remind residents to please do their part by removing standing water around their homes and businesses. Take a proactive approach by draining unused swimming pools, cleaning gutters, and removing any containers that may hold water. Mosquitoes need water to reproduce. Please avoid peak mosquito times of dusk and dawn. If one must be outside, use insect repellent on exposed skin, wear light colored long sleeve clothing, and avoid perfumes and colognes. Local midge flies (sometimes called blind mosquitoes) are about the same size as a mosquito and are present locally in large numbers. Crane flies, also very prevalent, are a much larger species of insect resembling a mosquito. Each of these insects may resemble a mosquito, but neither of which is an actual mosquito. Residents can prepare for a temporary increase in mosquito activity for the next few months. If anyone has a problem with any of these insects they can call Cajun Mosquito Control at 985-879-3677 or go to our website @ and email in a spray request. Sincerely, Jessie Boudreaux, Jr. Cajun Mosquito Control, LLC

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