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Foster Program

Becoming a foster parent is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities offered. You can help bridge the gap for animals who may not be able to thrive on their own within the shelter environment, like infant kittens, medical-recovery animals, and shy animals who need some extra TLC, just to name a few! In all cases, the animals benefit from the socialization and in-home living experience, and become much more adoptable. We are also able to learn more about them and their personalities, which makes our match-making process more successful.

Which type of fostering is right for you?

Bottle Baby Team

This type of fostering provides life-saving care to our tiny orphaned kittens. Our shelter provides supplies and information and the foster provides the time commitment of bottle feeding. More information on this can be found in our Cat/Kitten Foster Care Guide.


This type of fostering is for our animals who may need time outside of the shelter to decompress and come out of their shells prior to finding forever homes.

Capacity Relief (adoption ready)

Adoption-ready fostering is for animals that are ready to make their adoption debut! Sometimes we don’t have space on the adoption floor to showcase all of our adoption-ready animals.

Doggy Day Out

Take a pup out of the shelter for a fun field trip – outings include hiking, napping, car rides, selfies, and socialization, benefiting everyone involved! This program increases visibility to potential adopters and gives insight to how a pup might behave outside of the shelter setting, without the long-term commitment.

Sleepover (Short-term Foster)

Sleepovers or short-term foster stays are a great way for eligible pups to get a break from shelter life and have fun for 2-3 days. This program was created to reduce kennel stress, provide dogs with enrichment, and increase their visibility in our community. We also gain valuable insight on dog’s behavior in a home environment.


Medical fostering can range from surgery recovery to treating skin conditions. Providing these animals with a special place to rest allows them to recover more quickly! These type of animals may require more frequent medical appointments at the animal shelter, and foster parents may need to administer medications at home.

911 Foster Pets

The purpose of the 911 Foster Pet Program is to provide temporary care for pets whose family need short-term foster care following a crisis. These reasons can be, but are not limited to, displacement by natural disaster, owner victim of domestic violence, owner temporarily hospitalized, or owner facing temporary change in housing. This program is separate from TPAS, and is offered as a resource to owners who have run out of options. 911 Foster Pet Sign Up

Join our Foster Team

To become a foster parent, please fill out our foster questionnaire.
Fostering Interest Form

Once completed, our foster coordinator will contact you via email or phone to discuss our foster program more in depth.

For more information, email us at or call (985) 873-6709.
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