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Animal Shelter

Shelter Manager Valerie Robinson


Ordinances Governing Pets

The following are a few sections from the Terrebonne Parish Code of Ordinances Chapter 5 "Animals".These excerpts are not intended to represent the entire animal-related ordinances.

Refer to Chapter 5 of the Terrebonne Parish Code of Ordinances to view the all animal-related ordinances.

Sec. 5-7. Licensing; Failure to License.

Sec. 5-9. Restraint; Failure to Restrain.

Sec. 5-9.1. Tethering prohibited; exception.

Sec. 5-10. Impoundment.

Sec. 5-15. Rabies control; Failure to Vaccinate.

Sec. 5-17. Proper Care of Animals.

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