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Pet Surrender

I Want to Surrender My Pet

If you feel you can no longer care for your pet and must surrender him/her to the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter (TPAS), you must be a Terrebonne Parish resident with a valid ID and make an appointment with TPAS.

Before surrendering your pet, we strongly recommend having a veterinarian give vaccines (particularly distemper/parvo and bordetella) to help protect your pet’s immune system, as your pet will be stressed and exposed to other animals with unknown medical histories in the shelter environment.
Note: While our team aims high for positive outcomes for all animals, there is no guarantee your pet will be placed due to the volume of animals that need our assistance.

Before you make an appointment, please review the surrender alternatives below to see if there is chance you can keep your pet.

Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet to Shelter

Many pet owners face challenging situations where they feel surrendering their pet to a shelter is their only option, but there may be alternative options that would allow you to keep your pet or find it a new home.

Find a New Home for Your Pet

As the pet’s owner, you have the best chance of finding your pet a new home. By making a determined effort and not surrendering to our shelter, you’ll also be creating a future for another animal by leaving a spot open at our shelter.
Listed below are ways to rehome your pet.

  • Notify friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers.
  • Post signs at your local veterinarian’s office or pet-related business.
  • Use social media to help spread the word.
  • List your pet on a pet rehoming website, such as Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet or Home to Home. They offer expert advice and safe meeting zones to provide a safer alternative to online classifieds.
  • Contact rescue organizations to see if they may be able to help with placement.

Home To Home™
Home To Home™ helps pets stay out of shelters. It is a unique tool for pet owners looking to re-home their animals. Home to Home gives pet owners who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find a new, loving home without ever seeing the inside of a shelter. It’s FREE to use for both owners and adopters, and gives animals needing a new home the best of both worlds: their current owners can find the best fit, and their adopters can learn all about their personality and preferences first-hand. It’s a win-win for pets and people!

There’s no place like home. Unfortunately, pets sometimes need a new one. We understand. That’s why we’re introducing Home to Home. Find your pet a new home (or find a new pet for your home). Visit to get started today. Home To Home™ is a gracious recipient of grant support from Maddie’s Fund #ThankstoMaddie.

Behavioral Issues, Reasons, and Resources

Listed below are common reasons people surrender pets and how to get help.

My pet has behavior issues that I don’t know how to deal with.

Let's face it, even experienced dog owners sometimes need the help of a professional. Here are some local dog trainers that may be able to help:

Local dog trainers for behavioral issues:

Local pet stores that offer basic obedience classes:

  • Petsmart
    • Address: 1743 Martin Luther King Blvd
    • Phone: (985) 876-5426
  • Petco
    • Address: 1651 Martin Luther King Blvd
    • Phone: (985) 851-3148

Common Dog Behavior Issues
Click on the issue below to find helpful resources to resolve the problem.

Common Cat Behavior Issues
Click on the issue below to find helpful resources to resolve the problem.

I’m moving and can’t take my pet.

There are many pet-friendly housing options for you and your pet in our area. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time when you know you’ll be moving to check around for pet policies that will allow your pet.
Here are some helpful resources that offer pet-friendly filtering options:

My pet is injured/sick and I don’t know where to take them.

TPAS does not provide veterinary services to pets; however, there are many veterinarians in our area. There are also several emergency vets who see sick/injured pets after hours and on weekends and holidays.

Our local emergency veterinary offices include:

I can’t afford to take my pet to the vet.

CareCredit – The CareCredit healthcare credit card helps to manage veterinary expenses, everything from routine exams to unforeseen emergencies. It is subject to credit approval, the amount of credit extended depends on your credit rating, and you must make sure the veterinarian you’re using accepts CareCredit.

My pet needs to be neutered/spayed but I can't afford it.

TPAS offers low-cost spay/neuter through our partners at the Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans. For more information or to fill out an Admission form, visit our Spay/Neuter webpage.

I'm going through financial tough times right now, and I can't buy food/supplies for my pet.

TPAS may be able to assist with you in a time of need with our Pet Pantry. Email or call (985) 873-6709 to request assistance.

For more information and/or to make your owner surrender appointment, please call (985) 873-6709.

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