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Stray Animals

To search a list of animals found by citizens or picked up by Animal Control as strays that are currently being held at the TPAS, click the below picture.


Stray dogs(3 months or older) are held for three(3) days and there us no stray hold for cats, kittens or puppies(under 3 months), so if you find your pet in this list, contact the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter IMMEDIATELY!
  • If during hours of operation, contact TPAS by phone at 985-873-6709.
  • If after hours of operation, contact TPAS by email at and provide the animal's description and Animal ID# listed.

Did not find your pet by using the above link? Try our new option by clicking on the below banner.

Terrebonne Parish Code of Ordinances - Sec. 5-23.
Taking ownership of stray/found animals

Any domestic animal found by a person other than the parish run Animal Shelter shall be held for fourteen (14) days before claiming ownership and/or adopting/transferring said animal so long as the said animal has not displayed or reported to have displayed any aggression towards humans or other animals and/or has not caused damage nor reported to have caused damage to property. Additionally, reasonable attempts to locate and reunite the found animal with its rightful owner shall be made within the fourteen (14) days, including but not limited to, placing an ad in the local newspaper(s), completing a found report with the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter, and having the found animal scanned for a microchip.

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