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Nuisance Wildlife - Opossums

No matter where you live in South Louisiana, there are opossums. This non-aggressive animal can adjust to living just about anywhere. The most common den sites are under wood piles, decks, and mobile homes. An opossum may bite if it perceives a threat to its well-being, such as being grabbed or petted. The best thing for the opossum is to be left in its own territory where it can find food and know where there is a safe shelter.
Opossums prefer to run away or “play possum” and will only hiss, growl, and/or fight if attacked or frightened.

The opossum can be very beneficial as a rodent/pest eater. They eat a variety of food including dead animals, fruits, insects, mice, etc. They will eat food left outside and would consider cat food a gourmet meal. An opossum may get into garbage cans, eat your pet's food, or eat cultivated fruits and vegetables. It may enter a home through ripped screens or vents and duct systems. To alleviate these problems, follow the Preventing Conflict with Nuisance Wildlife guidelines.

: If you come across an opossum in your attic or garage, try to find out how it got in, then follow the guidelines for Encouraging an Animal to Leave Your Attic.

The removal of nuisance opossums can be handled by professional, private wildlife trappers.

Local wildlife trappers:

  • Jeff Lecompte: (985) 637-5615
  • Mike Hotard: (504) 352-1097

**Note: TPAS is not recommending any wildlife trappers listed, but merely providing the information as a public convenience.

Anyone interested in becoming a licensed wildlife rehabilitator can find information at

For more information, visit the Nuisance Wildlife webpage or call (985) 873-6709.

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