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Terrebonne Parish Branding

Parish President Gordon E. Dove


Destination Promise

The most important element of our brand is the Destination Promise™. This is the beacon that will guide all that we do in regard to tourism marketing and will guide and influence the Parish's non-tourism marketing programs, such as business and economic development. It captures the way we want customers to think and feel about the Parish relative to competitors.

The brand is a promise that will guide and inform every message, every process, every organizational decision, every customer contact, and every communication throughout the Parish, including the development and marketing of the Parish.

The Terrebonne Parish brand focuses on the opportunities created by the natural bayou/wetlands and how that has shaped the people, lifestyle and industries.

Destination Promise™: "Louisiana's Bayou Country", Terrebonne Parish, provides enriching and fulfilling experiences for visitors, investors, businesses and residents. The unique landscape, natural resources, cultural opportunities presented by one of America's largest and most productive wetlands, has shaped a distinctive way of life and joie de vivre of our hard-working and fun-loving residents. The beauty, vitality and energy of this region offers all that live, work, play and invest here a bounty of rewards."
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