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Terrebonne Parish Branding

Parish President Gordon E. Dove


Key Experience Theme Development

Key experience themes provide an important conduit for partners to play their role in delivering on the Destination Promise™. They touch customers in ways that enable them to immerse themselves in the brand to the extent that they desire. For the destination it enables prioritization of its product development, investment and partnership outreach.

The key experience themes are:

  • Adventure - experiencing one of the largest bayou regions in North America
  • Celebration - with events, music and food
  • Personal reward - that enriches the lives of our visitors
  • Opportunity - from the strong economy and entrepreneurial spirit

The experiences that compliment and strengthen these key experiences are:

  • Experiences in the bayous and swamps
  • Fishing in the wetlands or the Gulf of Mexico
  • Cajun food and music
  • Local Mardi Gras
  • Unique restaurants
  • Educational experiences at local museums
  • Sunny, mild climate


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