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Terrebonne Parish Branding

Parish President Gordon E. Dove


Success Factors

Critical Success Factors for a Destination Brand

If a destination doesn't establish its own brand, it's likely that competitors and the media will establish one. The destinations that are most successful in developing and managing their brands are those that take control of their brand message, and understand and adhere to a set of critical success principles. These include:

  1. Build the brand from the inside out. The success of the Terrebonne Parish brand begins with messengers, stakeholders and other brands and assets located here. The commitment of our political, business, non-profit and leaders within the Parish will be critical.
  2. Create a symphony. One of the most important keys to success in branding is sticking to the guidelines and maintaining consistency in all creative applications. Winning customer's hearts and minds takes an integrated, consistent and holistic approach over an extended period of time, using a wide range of communication channels and customer touch points.
  3. Lots of little victories, again and again. A brand is the result of hundreds and hundreds of influences. It is the long-term accumulation of positive messages and experiences that count. True success will come from consistent, unified messages and experiences emanating from a range of sources hitting their mark again and again.
  4. Influence the influencers. There have been many influences on the Terrebonne Parish image that have been largely out of anyone's control. It is important for all messengers to eliminate dissonance, address misperceptions and correct misinformation, particularly misuse of the Terrebonne Parish brand.
  5. It takes time. It takes more than an ad campaign or one big hit approach. Just as Terrebonne Parish's current image may have evolved over many years, attempting to re-position or clarify that image will not happen overnight.
  6. Deliver on the Promise. Innovatively interpreting and delivering Terrebonne Parish's Destination Promise™ is essential to establishing meaningful and sustainable links between the region and the hearts and minds of its best customers.
  7. Make emotional connections. Emotions drive most, if not all, buying decisions. Successful brands have a distinct personality, project strong emotional benefits and connect with customers on an emotional level.
  8. The budget must match the objectives. A weak brand is far more expensive in the long run than the resources required to launch and maintain a strong brand. It is important for our Parish to work cooperatively, prioritize and act strategically to achieve goals.
  9. Orchestrate outstanding experiences. Destinations are experiential and successfully placed brands constantly align the delivery of their core experience themes in ways that exceed the expectations of their customers.


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