Coastal Restoration and Preservation

Director Mart Black, FAICP


LCA Projects in Terrebonne Parish

Terrebonne Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration

The Terrebonne Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration Project is an ecosystem restoration effort to reconstruct coastal landforms of the barrier shoreline to maintain the integrity of the Terrebonne Basin barrier shoreline system and increase habitat availability for migratory birds, wildlife, and aquatic organisms.

Landbridge between Caillou Lake and the Gulf of Mexico

The shoreline in the Caillou Lake Land Bridge project area is eroding as much as 18 feet per year at the marsh edge along the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Shoreline at Point au Fer Island

The Point Au Fer Island project is located in Subprovince 3 of the Louisiana Coastal Area (LCA), south and slightly east of the mouth of the Atchafalaya River, and approximately 30 miles south of Morgan City, LA, in Terrebonne Parish.

Convey Atchafalaya River Water to Northern Terrebonne Marshes/Multipurpose Operation of the Houma Navigation Canal Lock

This restoration project will increase existing Atchafalaya River influence to central (Lake Boudreaux) and eastern (Grand Bayou) Terrebonne marshes via the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

Regional Projects

Beneficial Use of Dredged Material (BUDMAT)

Louisiana is losing coastal wetlands at an alarming rate. Restoring these wetlands is imperative to protecting the state's abundant resources from devastating storms and hurricanes. A very promising option for restoring coastal wetlands and reducing land loss is the beneficial use of dredged material.

Small Bayou Lafourche Reintroduction

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