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Coastal Restoration and Preservation

Director Mart Black, FAICP


Coastal Restoration Projects

While nearly everyone in the country can agree that the resources and culture of Louisiana-of the coastal areas, in particular-are of extreme value to the entire nation, the high cost of constructing effective coastal restoration projects can be inhibitive. To help Federal, State, and Local government entities as well as Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) undertake these construction efforts, several on-going funding programs, as well as one-time, or periodic funding programs have been established.

The Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government Office of Coastal Restoration & Preservation has been and continues to be heavily involved in the proposal, application, and monitoring of projects that are funded through these various sources. Below are links to identify and outline what is available to our Parish, and to identify which programs we currently are actively receiving benefits from.

Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection & Restoration Act (CWPPRA)

The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act, (CWPPRA-pronounced kwip-ruh), is designed to fund construction of coastal restoration projects.

Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP)

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 established the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) which authorizes funds to be distributed to Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) oil and gas producing States.

Louisiana Coastal Area Study (LCA)

The Louisiana Coastal Area Study (LCA) was created in 2002 to respond to the need for in-depth study that was not provided by the Coast 2050 Restoration Plan of 2000.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency provides grants to States and local governments to implement long-term hazard mitigation measures after a major disaster declaration.

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