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Average Billing Program

TPCG offers an average billing program designed to keep the amount owed on the monthly utility bill consistent year-round.

To sign up for this service, fill out an application in person or download an application here.  Return your completed application to our office or email it to

The average billing program is an optional service for eligible customers and can be canceled at any time.

Frequently asked questions concerning the average billing program

What is average billing?

The Terrebonne Parish Utilities Department average billing program is a payment plan based on the previous billing history. It is designed to allow customers to pay less during high-usage months (summer and winter) by paying extra during low-usage months (spring and fall), thus having more consistent payments year-round.

Will average billing save me money?

Average billing will not save you money, nor will it cost you more. You will pay an AVERAGE amount over a seasonal billing period that will fluctuate minimally in accordance to your previous 12-month billing history. You must acknowledge the ACCUMULATED DIFFERENCE (charge/credit) amount noted on your bill, which is directly applied to your next bill upon cancellation.

Who is eligible?

The Terrebonne Parish Utilities Department average billing program is open to residential customers only with an established billing record of twelve (12) months, during which no default payments (payments made after the CUT-OFF DATE) have occurred.

When can I apply?

You can apply at any time. All average billing accounts will require an application (below) to be signed by the account holder (as named on the account).

How do I cancel?

You may cancel via written notification at any time. Upon cancelation, any ACCUMULATED DIFFERENCE (charge/credit) will be applied to the following month’s bill. That amount reflects monthly on your bill.

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