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Recovery Assistance & Mitigation Planning

Recovery Planner Jennifer Gerbasi


Flood Protection Measures & Assistance

In an emergency, move or raise furniture and other valuables. Sand bags are available from the Parish Drainage Department at (985) 873-6717. There are several alternatives for flood protection but permanent flood proofing measures such as elevation of structures, flood proofing and retrofitting are preferable to temporary measures.

Retrofitting methods include:

  • elevating the structure
  • building floodwalls and closures
  • protecting utilities

The Terrebonne Parish Library has publications that explain different techniques. The Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government Department of Planning and Zoning will review Flood Insurance Rate Maps to determine if a property is in a flood zone and can provide information on flood proofing regulations, systems and techniques, applicable building codes and permit and zoning requirements. Information is also available on the Federal Emergency Management Agency website at

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