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FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps of Terrebonne Parish

These maps were developed by FEMA to replace both the FIRM and ABFE and was adopted by Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government on August 23, 2023 and is effective from September 7, 2023.

Any questions concerning the FEMA maps can be directed to Lisa Ledet.

These images are very large in size. It is not recommended that you try to view these in your browser. It is recommended that you right click on the image file that you would like to view and then click Save Target As. This is not recommended to do over a dial-up internet connection. File sizes range from 2mb through 9mb each. These are only the maps where the location can be reached by roadways. There is a key for these images. Here is the Key file.

This information is also avaiable on FEMA Flood Map Service Center.

  Image File Description of file
  22109C 0025E Highway 20 from Parish Line in Thibodaux to Ducros Rd / Devil Swamp Rd
  22109C 0050E Bayou Black Dr from Parish Line in Gibson to 6600 Block of Bayou Black Dr, Geraldine Rd
  22109C 0075E Fandall St, Mary St, 6400 Block of Bayou Black Dr to Barral Racers Ct, North Bayou Black Dr from Caroll St to Diana Ct
  22109C 0095E West Main St from Harmony Ct to Bellaire Dr, West Park Ave from Technology Ln to Prevost Bridge, 3152 Highway 311 to Ellendale SD ‐ Bell Helene Dr
  22109C 0100E Highway 20 from Palmetto St to Highway 24, Highway 24 from Horseshoe Rd to Briarfield Ct, Waterplant Rd from Highway 24 to Rue Stephen Michael, The New Isle Subdivision, Bayou Blue By Pass Rd from Jean Charles Blvd to Bayou Blue Rd, Bayou Blue Rd from Highway 24 to Larry Daigle Dr, Highway 311 from Highway 24 to Bull Run Rd, Bull Run Rd from Highway 311 to 1100 Block of Bull Run Rd
  22109C 0115E 3000 Block of Highway 316 (Highway 90) to Highway 316 ‐ Highway 182 Intersection, Coteau Rd from Morning Glory Ct to 1700 Block of Coteau Rd, Bayou Gardens Blvd from Highway 316 to Alma St, Alma St from Bayou Gardens Blvd to Westside Blvd, Westside Blvd from St Louis Canal Rd to Mary Kay Ln, St Louis Canal Rd from Bayou Gardens Blvd to Houma Golf Club
  22109C 0125E Highway 316 ‐ Highway 182 Intersection to 1451 Highway 316
  22109C 0150E Marsh area
  22109C 0175E Marsh area
  22109C 0200E Marsh area
  22109C 0225E Bayou Black Dr from Barral Racers Ct to Transcontinental Ct, North Bayou Black Dr from Diana Ct to 4718 North Bayou Black Dr
  22109C 0235E Highway 311 from Ellendale Blvd to Security Blvd, Savanne Rd from Highway 311 to Joshua Reed Dr, Crescent SD, Ouiski Bayou Estates SD, Belmont Place SD, Westside Blvd from Highway 24 (Park Ave) to Highway 311, Valhi Blvd from Savanne Rd to Cottage Dr, Enterprise Dr from Westside Blvd Ext to 205 Enterprise Dr, Corporate Dr from Martin Luther King Blvd to 219 Corporate Dr, Martin Luther King Blvd from Don Felipe Blvd to Walmart Super Center, South Hollywood Rd from 218 South Hollywood Rd to Southdown Mandalay Rd, Bayou Black Dr from 3513 Bayou Black Dr to 3319 Bayou Black Dr, Southdown Mandalay Rd from 3506 Southdown Mandalay Rd to Wellington Dr
  22109C 0245E Sportsman's Ct, Bayou Black Dr from Waterproof Blvd to 3557 Bayou Black Dr, Southdown Mandalay Dr from Canon Ct to 3600 Southdown Mandalay Ct
  22109C 0250E Bayou Black Dr from Transcontinental Ln to Flora Ct, Southdown Mandalay Rd from 4702 Southdown Mandalay Rd to Savanne Rd, Savanne Rd from Southdown Mandalay Rd to Valhi Blvd
  22109C 0251E West Park Ave from Westside Blvd to Williams Ave, West Main St from Ziegler Ave to Barrow St, Martin Luther King Blvd from Lowe's to South Hollywood Rd, West Tunnel Blvd from South Hollywood Rd to Professional Dr, North Hollywood Rd from West Park Ave to St Louis Canal Rd, St Louis Canal Rd from North Hollywood Rd to Westview Dr, Alma St from Westside Blvd to North Hollywood Rd, Security Blvd, South Lacarpe Cir, Corporate Dr from 219 Corporate Dr to West Tunnel Blvd, South Hollywood Rd from West Main St to Vandebilt Catholic School, Enterprise Dr from 205 Enterprise Dr to West Main St, Westside Blvd from Mary Kay Ln to West Park Ave
  22109C 0252E West Main St from Gabasse St to Twin Spans, East Main St from Twin Spans to R V Ct, Gabasse St from West Main St to Wood St, West Park Ave from Ruth St to Twin Spans, East Park Ave from Twin Spans to 8963 East Park Ave, Williams Ave from Legion Ave to North Hollywood Rd, New Orleans Blvd from West Park Ave to North Hollywood Rd, Grand Caillou Rd from East Main St to Morris St, Howard Ave from East Main St to Effie St, East St from East Main St to Isabel St, Hunley Ct
  22109C 0253E Bayou Black Dr from 3313 Bayou Black Dr to Country Club Dr, St Charles St from Bayou Black Dr to 1200 St Charles St, Mystic Blvd, Highway 311 from Westgate Blvd to Barrow St, Mulberry Gardens/Mulberry Estates/Mulberry Heights SD's, Barrios SD, Valhi Blvd from St Charles St to Civic Center Blvd, Civic Center Blvd, Library Dr, West Tunnel Blvd from Moss Ln to Barataria Ave, Honduras St from Barataria Ave to Clay St, Polk St from Apache Rd to 600 Polk St, Barataria Ave from Highway 311 to Point St, Barrow St from Bayou Dularge Rd to High St
  22109C 0254E Bond St from Aycock St to Dunn St, Dunn St from Wood St to Last St, S Van Ave from Highway 315 to Grand Caillou Rd, Grand Caillou Rd from Sylvia St to Oaklawn Dr, East Tunnel Blvd from Saadi St to Howard Ave, Saadi St from Lois Rd to Sylvia St, Sylvia St from Saadi St to Grand Caillou Rd, Industrial Blvd from S Van Ave to Chabert Medical Center, Mulberry Rd, Bayou Lacarpe Rd, Rome Woodard St, Acadian Dr, Payne St, Plant Rd, East St from Larry St to Grand Caillou Rd
  22109C 0260E Coteau Rd from Zifful Ct to Kayla Ct, Prospect Blvd from Highway 316 to Ranger St/Frank St, Park Ave from Fookles Ct to South Terrebonne High School, Main St from Whispering Oaks Ct, Aggies Skate Connection/Cash Magic Casino, Grand Caillou Rd from Boundary Rd to Carrie Ann Rd, Moffet Rd from Grand Caillou Rd to Blimp Rd, Clendenning Rd from Blimp Rd to Main St, Ellender Memorial High School
  22109C 0275E Bayou Dularge Rd from Menard Rd to Wedgewood Ct, Grand Caillou Rd from Rome Commercial Pl to Ashland Plantation South SD, Highway 56 from Cash Magic Casino to 4100 Block, Highway 24 from South Terrebonne High School to Lecompte Dr, Country Dr from Benton Dr to Jeff Dr
  22109C 0300E Highway 316 from Samart Funeral Home to the Intercoastal Waterway, Ferry Rd from the Intercoastal Canal to Company Canal, Boquet St, Company Canal Rd, Texas Gulf Rd, 100 Block of Bourg Larose Highway, Highway 24 from Blue Bird Ct to Bourg Larose Highway, Highway 55 from Bourg Larose Highway to Lloyd St, Country Dr from 4200 Block to Klondyke Rd, Klondyke Rd from Country Dr to Bayouside Dr, Lower Country Dr from Klondyke Rd to Bisland Cemetery, Aragon Rd from Bisland Cemetery to 800 Block of Aragon Rd, Bayouside Dr from 4100 Block to Smith Dr, Highway 56 from 4100 Block to Village Dr
  22109C 0325E Marsh area
  22109C 0350E Marsh area
  22109C 0375E Marsh area
  22109C 0400E Marsh area
  22109C 0425E 826 Vice Rd to 872 Vice Rd, Bayou Dularge Rd from Dover Dr to the Dollar General, Doctor Beatrous Rd from Bayou Dularge Rd to Theriot Voisin Bridge, Bayou Dularge Rd from 1300 Block to St Eloi Catholic Church, 1531 Bayou Dularge Rd to DeHart Ct, Fisherman's Retreat SD, Brady Rd from Bayou Dularge Rd to 2377 Brady Rd
  22109C 0450E High Ridge SD, Vice Rd from Paul Vice Bridge to 986 Vice Rd, Bayou Dularge Rd from Paul Vice Bridge to St Luke Baptist Church, 1435 Bayou Dularge Rd to 1525 Bayou Dularge Rd, Grand Caillou Rd from Cedar Grove Rd to Old Bridge Rd, Old Bridge Rd from 102 to 122, Shrimpers Row from Bayou Pelton to 8111 Shrimpers Row, Coast Guard Rd from 182 to 241
  22109C 0475E Highway 56 from Village Dr to 6443 Highway 56, Bayouside Dr from Alex Ln to Bush Canal, 776 Aragon Rd to Highway 58, Crochetville Rd, Highway 55 from Lloyd St to South Madison Rd, South Madison Rd, 100 Block of Highway 665, 852 Highway 665 to 1918 Highway 665
  22109C 0500E 1952 Highway 665 to Pointe Aux Chene Marina, Island Rd
  22109C0525E Marsh area
  22109C 0550E Marsh area
  22109C 0575E Marsh area
  22109C 0600E Marsh area
  22109C 0625E 2529 - 3442 Bayou Dularge Rd, 2383 - 2567 Brady Rd
  22109C 0650E Shrimpers Row from 8145 to 8999, Southern Comfort Waterfront Community, Kings Bayou Rd, Trosclair Ln, Hooper Ln, Coast Guard Rd from 104 to 174, Old Bridge Rd from 126 to 169, Grand Caillou Rd from 8218 to 9584, Safe Harbor Ct, Doc's Ct, T'Irv's Landing, Berwick Bay Ct, Four Point Rd, Sunshine Acres SD, Bayou Sale Rd, Highway 56 from 6546 to Pier 56 Ct
  22109C 0675E Highway 56 from 6457 to 6535, Delmas Dr, South Madison Rd from 2373 to 2661
  22109C 0700E Marsh area
  22109C 0725E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 0750E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 0775E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 0800E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 0825E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 0850E Highway 56 from Pier 56 Ct to 8251 Highway 56
  22109C 0875E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 0950E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 0975E Marsh area / Coastline
  22109C 1000E Marsh area / Coastline
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