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Roadway Maintenance and Improvements to Begin

Wednesday April 07, 2010 03:39 pm - 1859 Views - Posted By Administration
Roadway Maintenance and Improvements to Begin

Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet is pleased to announce an unprecedented level of road and infrastructure improvements to begin in our area. Over the next several months, this slate of projects will improve and maintain significant portions of Terrebonne Parish's roadways and traffic arteries. As these projects continue, residents will be notified of any road closures.
Terrebonne Parish is the beneficiary of funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Act). This funding will be utilized in three critical areas to improve traffic efficiency and flow. These areas include asphalt overlays, concrete panel replacement, and turn lane installation. The specific projects and locations are listed below.
Asphalt Overlays " This includes the patching of potholes and overlaying these potholes with asphalt. This work will be completed on the following roadways:
  • Country Drive (between Jeff Drive and Klondyke Road)
  • Southdown Mandalay Road (between Thacker Drive and St. Charles Street)
  • Westside Boulevard (between West Park Avenue and Marie Drive)
  • Alma Street (500' north of Alma Street)
Concrete Panel Replacement " Replacement of fractured concrete panels. This work will be done on the following roadways:
  • Acadian Avenue (between Saadi Street and Acadian Avenue)
  • Alma Street (500' south of Westside Boulevard)
  • Bayou Gardens Boulevard (between Alma Street and St. Louis Canal Road)
  • Corporate Drive (between Martin Luther King Boulevard and Emerson Drive)
  • Dunn Street (between Main Street and Honduras Street)
  • Enterprise Drive (between West Main Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard)
  • Jefferson Davis Street (between Wright Avenue and Wilson Avenue)
  • Klondyke Road (between Bayouside Drive and Country Drive)
  • Saadi Street (between Lois Road and Sylvia Street)
  • Woodlawn Ranch Road (between Highway 56 and Highway 57)
Turn Lanes- Turn lanes will be added to the following roadways:
  • Right Turn Lane from Bayou Black Drive (LA 182) to Barrow Street Extension (LA 315)
  • Left Turn Lane from Polk Street to LA 311 (coming from Tunnel to Polk)
  • Left Turn Lane from LA 182 to Sixth Street
  • Right Turn Lane from Bayou Gardens Boulevard to West Park Avenue (LA 24)
  • Right Turn Lane from Hollywood Road to Main Street (LA 24)
  • Right Turn Lane from Martin Luther King Boulevard (LA 3040) to Hollywood Road
  • Right Turn Lane from Corporate Drive to Martin Luther King Boulevard (LA 3040)
  • Right Turn Lane from Coteau Road (LA 660) to West Park Avenue (LA 24)
  • Right Turn Lane from Country Estates Drive to Coteau Road (LA 660)
  • Right Turn Lane from Hollywood Road to Martin Luther King Boulevard (LA 3040)
In addition to the work being completed with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Terrebonne Parish is investing funds from the 2010 Parish Budget for further asphalt overlays, concrete panel repair, and turn lane construction. The locations of this work are listed below:
  • Audubon Drive " Off of Highway 648 to Nicholls State University
  • Bayou Gardens Blvd. " Between West Park Avenue and Alma Street
  • Bayou Side Drive " Between Klondyke Bridge and Sarah Bridge (Hwy 58)
  • Betty Ann Street - Between Marie Louise Street and Fannie Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Broadmoor Avenue " From A Street to Kenney Street
  • Buquet Bridge Road - Off of Highway 57 (Dulac)
  • Chauff Street " 5762 West Main Street to Terry Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Concord Road " West off of Country Club Drive (Houma)
  • Corporate Drive " Between South Hollywood Road and Emerson Court
  • Cross Street " Between Beth Ann Street and Montegut Street (Montegut)
  • Daigle " Between Ann Carol Street and Jean Street
  • Deborah Street " South of Ann Carol Street to the dead end
  • Edward Street " At 5698 West Main Street past Betty Ann Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Elgin Street " 5774 West Main Street to Terry Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Eureka Drive " From 4116 West Park Avenue to Indian Drive
  • Fannie Street " At 5728 West Main Street to Betty Ann Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Funderburk Avenue " 6079 West Park Avenue to Broadmoor Avenue
  • Gilbert Street " Between Edward Street and Marie Louise Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Gray Street " At 3120 West Main Street (Gray) near Highway 316
  • Gulf Access Road " At 324 Highway 315 (Crozier Area)
  • Hawky Lane " At 330 Texas Gulf Road (Bourg)
  • Leger Street " Between S. Roosevelt Drive and Z Street (Montegut)
  • Leon Street " Between Marie Louise Street and Fannie Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Leve Street " At 5250 Highway 56 (Chauvin)
  • Marcia Street " Between Betty Ann Street and Leon Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Marie Louise Street " At 5628 West Main Street to Betty Ann Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Orange Street " Highway 57 to Levee (Dulac)
  • Point Barre Road " Off of Highway 55 below Montegut
  • Presque Isle Drive " West of Highway 24 to the dead end
  • San Antonio Blvd " Between St. Charles Street and Amarillo Drive
  • Sharlene Street " Off of Highway 660 (Coteau Road)
  • Southdown Mandalay Road " Between Thacker and the gate to the fields (across from the park)
  • Terry Street " Between Chauff Street and Elgin Street (Bayou Cane)
  • Victory Street " From 5858 Highway 56 to the dead end
  • Wilderness Street " Between Z Street and S. Roosevelt Drive (Montegut)
  • Z Street " Between Leger Street and Wilderness Street (Montegut)
"I want all residents to be aware of these efforts to improve Terrebonne Parish's roadways," stated Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet. "Such investments in our roads and streets may cause an inconvenience; however, these improvements will undoubtedly enhance traffic flow and transportation throughout Terrebonne," added President Claudet.
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