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BP Oil Spill Update for May 28, 2010

Tuesday June 01, 2010 07:41 am - 3155 Views

Terrebonne Parish Information 1)  Coast Guard representatives in Cocodrie reported:

  • 9 skimmers were in the field yesterday working in the Cocodrie area.
  • Beach cleaning operation is complete on Trinity Island as reported by National Guard Shoreline Cleanup crew reported that the sand bags were approximately 35 yards from the shore line on the beach near Trinity Bayou.  No water appeared to be flowing from the gulf through Trinity Bayou.
  • Ongoing boom inventory in Cocodrie staging area.  Large quantities of boom received in past 24 hours.
  • Shoreline cleanup includes 3 airboats and 13 vessels with absorbent boom working inland areas in north Lake Barre’.
  • Crews are loading the jack-up rig with supplies and equipment for deployment .
  • Personnel has increased from 560 to 1000 people working out of Cocodrie staging area.
  • Boats are being docked on Raccoon Island indefinitely to increase response range.
  • Shoreline Cleanup team reported from Little Pass that approximately 1000’ of containment boom was free floating, or possibly unanchored.  Boom remediation team assigned.
  • East Bay Barbue was previously reported as having impacted shoreline.  Shoreline Cleanup crew reported that no oil appeared to be coming out of the marsh such as previously noted.  A slight sheen and impacted Spartina grass was noted.
  • Jack-up Barges being deployed and strategically located in area of operations.
2)  Oil impact reports: 
  1. Shoreline Cleanup team reported from Whiskey Pass that no oil was spotted in the area or on the trip from West Timbalier to Whiskey Pass.
  2. Tar balls were observed on the surface mixed in with silver sheen approximately 2 miles north of Little Pass.  There was, however, no oil observed by crews in Little Pass itself.
  3. Oil impact was reported in the Lake Raccourci area by Wildlife and Fisheries.
  4. Shoreline Cleanup team reported oil 6-12 feet wide on the gulf beach side of East Timbalier island along the high tide line.
  5. Shoreline Cleanup team reported from 2 miles south of Wine Island that there were small patches of oil on the surface.  Mixed in with the oil was some oiled marsh grass, Spartina, and other floating debris.  It was identified as not being dense enough to immediately require a skimmer.
3) Vessels of Opportunity Program: Anyone interested in applying to becoming a Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) or crew member should call 281-366-5511.

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