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BP Press Release for June 4, 2010

Monday June 07, 2010 07:34 am - 2881 Views

Terrebonne Parish Information 1)  Coast Guard representatives in Cocodrie reported:

  • A large percentage of the protection boom currently in place in offshore positions is currently boomed with either 18 or 20 inch harbor boom meant for protected waters.  This is hampering the ability to maintain proper protection and placement of the boom.  Further, it is a resource drain to reset the displaced boom on a daily basis.  Regions where harbor boom will be replaced with 42 inch VOSS boom include Wine Island, Raccoon Island, Cat Island Pass between Trinity Island and Timbalier Island, and Felicity Island.
  • Oil and gas are flowing from the TOP HAT to the ENTERPRISE for processing. 
  • At approximately 9 pm, June 3, the TOP HAT landed on the riser flange above the Lower Marine Riser Package. 
  • Oil first reached the surface at 11:30 pm on June 4.  Since the fit between the base of the TOP HAT and the flange will not form a seal, oil may still be exiting around the base, even after steady flow to the surface is achieved. Visibility is poor around the TOP HAT; however, Remotely Operated Vehicles are able to adjust choke valves to begin the process of regulating the flow up the 5000 foot riser.
  • There is 90,000 barrels of oil storage capacity remaining on the ENTERPRISE.  A barge will be used to transfer product to a shore-side processing facility.
  • Personnel are conducting waterside surveillance for offshore and shoreline impact of oil.
  • There is ongoing surveillance of boom.  Personnel are to report any required boom maintenance to situation desk.
  • Total personnel in Cocodrie: 764.
  • Aerial delivery of dispersants was put on hold pending Federal approval to continue due to growing inhalation concerns for response crews and offshore workers.
  • 9 skimmers (8 on cleanup in Terrebonne Bay and Belle Pass, 1 in Decontamination) remain in the field working the Cocodrie area.
  • Deployment of Skimmers: 1 positioned between Wine Island and Trinity Island, 1 between Wine Island and Timbalier Island, 3 skimming designated routes in Lake Barre’ and Terrebonne Bay.
  • 136 boats on site assisting with cleanup in Cocodrie.
                                    Surveillance:                       2                                 Decontamination:                3                                 Task Forces 1-3:                105                                 Recovery:                           26  136 Total
  • 1 livable barge and tug now on Trinity Island under Global Marine to assist with beach/shoreline cleanup operations.
  • 3 Jackup Rig task forces planned.
  • Boom crew is now focusing on Tier 3 and Tier 4.  Booming plans are nearly 40% complete.
  • Crews ordered to wet store boom in Terrebonne Bayou at Placid Canal.
  • Ongoing boom inventory in Cocodrie staging area.  
    Latest boom numbers:
      1)  Hard Boom:
                    a)  Deployed 6/1/10:    2,021’*                 b)  Total Deployed:       162,369’*   2)  Sorbent Boom:
                    a)  Deployed 6/1/10:    2280’*                 b)  Total Deployed:       83,900’* *No change due to inclement weather.
  • Absorbent boom broke free from stakes in the northeast section of Lake Felicity.
  • 1 Jackup barge staged behind Trinity Island, 1 spud barge staged on Trinity Bayou, and 1 supply barge staged on the bay side of Trinity Island.  All are deploying containment boom.
  • 300-400 feet of containment boom stranded on a sand shoal along the east side of Trinity Island.
  • Nearly 500 feet of containment boom broke free at Little Wine Island.
 Cleanup Progress
  • Continued beach reconnaissance and manual recovery of discovered oil.
2)  Oil impact reports: 
  • Visible sheen reported approximately 300 yards off the bay side of West Timbalier Island. 
3)  Vessels of Opportunity Program:
  • Anyone interested in applying to becoming a Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) or crew member should call 281-366-5511

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