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Clean Those Drains, Terrebonne!

Monday September 06, 2021 04:00 pm - 138 Views - Posted By Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
Clean Those Drains, Terrebonne!

Heavy Rain is expected this week starting this evening. With catch basins and drainage ditches clogged with storm debris, a rain storm or even a shower has the potential to cause property or house flooding. Public Works Drainage Department crews are moving about the parish trying to clear ditches and catch basins, but the number of crews is very limited.
Please help us to help you!
If the catch basin or drainage ditch in front of your property is clogged with storm debris, please clear them before the rains arrive. Wind damage was caused by the hurricane, but flooding because of clogged drainage facilities after the storm is preventable.
Please move storm debris away from drainage ditches and catch basins to prevent flooding!
And keep them clear.
Watch David Rome, Director of Public Works, describe why it's important to keep the catch basins clear on the video: 


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