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BP Press Release for June 21 2010

Tuesday June 22, 2010 09:49 am - 2865 Views

Terrebonne Parish Information 1) Coast Guard representatives in Cocodrie reported: • A large percentage of the protection boom currently in place are in offshore positions and are currently boomed with either 18 or 20 inch harbor boom meant for protected waters. This is hampering both the ability to maintain proper protection/placement of the boom and is a resource drain to re-set the majority of all booms on a daily basis. • Total personnel in Cocodrie: 714 • National Incident Commander reports that the daily average oil recovery remains at an estimated 15,000 barrels per day. • Heat continues to be an issue with over 105 degree heat index. • Cleanup crews have picked up 21 barrels of oily water, 30 yards of trash and 15 yards of oiled debris in the last 24 hours out of Cocodrie. • The vacuum barges are still in Empire, now awaiting LA 1 approval. • There were numerous members of the media scheduled to visit Cocodrie today including representatives from The Daily Beast, European Press Photo Agency, an ABC affiliate from Knoxville, TN and Russian State TV. Boats/Vessels • Deployment of Skimmers: • 7 total: • 1 between Wine and Trinity. • 2 on station behind Timbalier Bay. • 4 in Lake Barre and Terrebonne Bay. • 139 boats on site assisting with cleanup in Cocodrie. Assignments: Surveillance: 2 Decontamination: 3 Task Forces 1-3: 108 Recovery: 26 139 Total Boom •Boom Inventory: A) Boom ≤ 35 inches: 1) Deployed Today:4,675’ 2) Total Deployed:170,953’ B) Boom ≥ 35 inches: 1) Deployed Today:0 2) Total Deployed:10,123’ C) Sorbent 1) Deployed Today:1,600’ 2) Total Deployed:87,663’ • Boom Maintenance continues to make up the majority of the operations being conducted out of Cocodrie. • Boom maintenance is being conducted at all sites in Terrebonne Parish, with an emphasis on our barrier islands. • On Trinity Island 1,125 feet of 18 and 24 inch inflatable boom and 1,400 feet of 18 and 24 inch hard boom was recovered in boom maintenance operations. • 6 boats were on Last Island to inspect deployed boom. It was determined that no maintenance was needed. • Reported from Wine Island that containment boom along the southeast side of the island had moderate damage. 2 work boats, 2 safety boats and 7 large shrimp boats were on location in efforts to repair the damaged boom. • Reported that 10 to 12 large shrimp boats carrying containment boom were docked on the northeast side of West Timbalier Island. • Assessment team observed 10 boats deploying and maintaining absorbent boom on Lake Barbue near Lake Chien. Cleanup Progress • Continued beach reconnaissance and manual recovery of discovered oil. • Clean up continues onshore. • All recovery operations are to follow the general shoreline treatment recommendations established for Timbalier Bay and Terrebonne Bay. • Assessment Team reported that Trinity Island had been cleaned up very well and looked good. 2) Oil impact reports: • Assessment team observed no visible oil and no visible sheen in Lake Barre’. • No visible oil and no visible sheen were observed in Wine Island Pass or in Cat Island Pass. • There was a tidal rip current line containing white-tan colored emulsified oil mousse, approximately 6 feet wide and 100 yards long, 1 mile south of Little Pass. 2 large shrimp boats containing containment boom were observed nearby. • An assessment team sent in response to reports of new oil during a morning over-flight reported no visible oil and no visible sheen on Trinity Island. • No oil was observed on the east corner of West Timbalier Island. Old oil deposits from approximately 3 weeks ago still had not been cleaned. There were still large areas with oil impact at the wash through on the island. The oiled areas were approximately 2 feet wide and 40-50 yards long. • No visible oil and no visible sheen were observed in Cat Island Pass. 3) Vessels of Opportunity Program: • Anyone interested in applying to becoming a Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) or crew member should call 281-366-5511. • The BP Annex (located at 5703 Hwy. 56 in Chauvin) will host Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) training sessions on Saturday, June 23, at 9am and 2pm. Helpful Information Training Opportunities for Deck Hands and Beach Clean-up Workers Local training sessions have been scheduled for residents interested in becoming employed for the response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Residents interested in working on a beach clean-up crew or as a deck hand on a vessel responding to the spill can attend this free training. Training organizers on site will provide information on how to seek employment in these fields. Each location will feature two training sessions per day with the morning training at 9:00 A.M. and the afternoon training beginning at 2:00 P.M. The training location schedule is as follows: The Grand Isle Community Center (located at 3811 Hwy. 1 in Grand Isle) will host training sessions on Saturday June 19.

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