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GCCF Releases Protocol for Emergency Advance Payment

Thursday August 26, 2010 10:49 am - 2485 Views - Posted By Administration

Independent Administrator Ken Feinberg announces final guidelines for emergency relief payments from the fund. In anticipation of the August 23rd opening of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), Administrator Kenneth R. Feinberg, today released the “Emergency Protocol” guidelines. The guidelines have been established to assist claimants in filing claims for costs and damages incurred as a result of the oil spill resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Incident of April 20, 2010. These guidelines are the result of many town hall meetings throughout the Gulf, listening to the people affected by this disaster. Feinberg and his team also worked closely with the Governors and Attorneys General of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. The GCCF (and the protocols under which it operates) are structured to be compliant with Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA). Individuals and businesses that have incurred costs as a result of the spill (cleanup, loss of profit, damage of property etc.) are among those authorized by the protocol to submit a claim for emergency payment. There are also provisions for those physically harmed by the spill. The Emergency Protocol guidelines answer the many other questions about the fund including the required proof and information that the claimant should submit. “Having the emergency protocol in place is the first step to helping the people on the path to recovery. When the claims centers open on August 23rd, the entire process will be in place go get checks out the door and money to those most deeply affected,” said Feinberg. Feinberg has said the goal for the new fund will be to get emergency six-month payment checks out the door, within 24 hours for individuals and no more than seven days for businesses. Emergency Advance Payment applications may be submitted during the period August 23 - November 23, 2010. After that date, applications for Final Claims, and in some circumstances applications for interim claims, will continue to be accepted. Protocols for the Final Claims will be issued in the near future. All current individual and business claims have been transferred from BP to the GCCF. Claims previously filed with the BP Claims Process have been transitioned to the new GCCF Claims Facility for review, evaluation and determination; however claimants will be required to file new forms with the GCCF to receive payments. Claimants will be able to file their claims in any of the following ways: Online: By accessing the GCCF Website. The web address will be distributed on August 23rd when the site becomes live and functional. By Phone: Toll free to request a form in the mail, 1.800.916.4893 By Mail: Mail the completed form to the following address: Gulf Coast Claims Facility P.O. Box 9658 Dublin OH 43017-4958 By Fax: Complete the claim form and fax it to 1.866.682.1772 At a Claim Site Office: Offices are located in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The website will feature a complete list of the claim centers. ###

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