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SLWDC Announces Call for Artists for Public Art Installation

Friday March 03, 2023 02:29 pm - 207 Views - Posted By Items of Interest
SLWDC Announces Call for Artists for Public Art Installation

The South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center in partnership with Make it Public and the Louisiana Division of the Arts is proud to offer this call for artists to submit proposals to create a permanent art installation at the Wetlands Discovery Center Outdoor Campus located at 86 Valhi Blvd. in Houma, LA.  The total budget for this project is $10,000, which was funded by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts.

“Artists have a great responsibility to help our community recover from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Ida.  Their work has the ability to inspire people to be tenacious and build back stronger than before.  It’s our hope that this permanent sculpture at our outdoor campus will do just that,” Jonathan Foret, Executive Director, Wetlands Discovery Center.

Proposals are due from artists by March 20, 2023.  Details about the proposal requirements are listed below


This project will be installed in or near the pond of the Outdoor Campus.  In keeping with our wetlands theme, we have secured 255 nutria pelt stretchers made of iron used during the fur trade in the 1950s and 60s to use as a part of this permanent installation.  A picture of this item is included at the end of this proposal.  They are 21” tall and 7.5” wide at the bottom and 3” wide at the top having a “wishbone” type shape.

The artwork should provide inspiration to community members as we continue to rebuild from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Ida.

This site will have electrical access, and it is our desire that it be illuminated in some way that is safe for everyone.


Our Mission

The South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center is revolutionizing how we think, teach and learn about Louisiana’s disappearing coast.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity or geographic location, have a responsibility to understand their environment and how it changes.  We affirm that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education develops the skills necessary to adapt to a changing environment enabling students to continue their way of life for generations to come.

Our Values

Our wetlands are as diverse as the communities we serve.  It is only fitting that we pledge to represent all people in our programming, operations, and leadership while treating everyone with respect and consideration for their differences. Only through thoughtful collaboration with all stakeholders will we be able to overcome the incredible challenges our wetlands communities face.



This all-inclusive budget will include: engineering drawing, artist fee, insurance, materials, and fabrication fees.  Artists are expected to manage the project within this budget.


Email application to by March 20, 2023, 5pm CST.  Please include Public Art Proposal in the subject line.


SLWDC staff will review all initial submissions to determine if they meet the basic qualifications.  After the initial review, applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee composed of SLWDC staff, board, and community members.


  • Artistic Excellence
  • Visual Impact
  • Quality of Work Samples
  • Demonstrated Ability to Realize
  • Community Engagement


Please respond with:

  • One page “Letter of Interest” including contact information
  • Preliminary Project Concept indicating funding level, not to exceed one page
  • Concept drawings or visual references
  • 8-10 images of applicant’s recent work demonstrating capacity to realize large-scale outdoor project
  • Resume or C.V. not to exceed two pages


  • Letter of Interest, Project Concept, Drawings, Resume/C.V. should be saved as a single PDF or Word Doc.
  • Images must be JPEG format, “high” or “fine” quality, file size not to exceed 2 MB per image.
  • Image file names should include artist’s last name and be numbered, e.g. “Smith-01.”

Things to keep in mind when developing your proposal:

  • This sculpture will be installed in or on the banks of a pond with a dirt bottom.  It will need to be secured/anchored in a way that will prevent it from falling over in soft mud.
  • The site has electrical access that could allow for the sculpture to be illuminated.  Safety is a primary concern due to the proximity to the water in the pond.
  • Because part or all of this installation will be made of iron and near water, thought will need to be given about preventing rust along with a maintenance plan.
  • The sculpture should inspire community members to rebuild after experiencing the impacts of Hurricane Ida and take pride in their community.


February 27

  • RFP Announced

March 20

  • RFP Submission Deadline
  • Email application to by March 20, 2023, 5pm CST.

March 27

  • Selection Committee Awards Contract to Artist

April 17

  • Final Design Approval

June 30

  • Complete Installation

Additional Information


Hours of Operation

  • Monday thru Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Mailing Address

  • P. O. Box 2768
  • Houma, LA 70361
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