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Positive Mosquito Pool In Parish Reported On Oct 28, 2014

Friday October 31, 2014 03:31 pm - 2153 Views - Posted By Vegetation
Positive Mosquito Pool In Parish Reported On Oct 28, 2014

Zone #: 6B This is to inform you that the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab has confirmed One (1) West Nile positive sentinel chicken in Terrebonne parish this week. Samples were submitted on October 28th, 2014 and confirmation was received on October 31th, 2014. The location is Coteau. In accordance with the Expanded Transmission Protocol, we are asking for permission to proceed with the following: 1) The location described will be considered to be the epicenter of the problem. 2) Personnel will be assigned to inspect the immediate areas surrounding the epicenter and to continue outward for an approximate five-city block area. The purpose of the search will be to locate vector mosquitoes (the Southern House Mosquito and/or the Asian Tiger) breeding sites. The positive sites will be addressed with bacterial or other larvicide measures if larvae are present. 3) Residents in these areas will be made aware that there is a heightened potential for Encephalitis infection in their neighborhood and that personal protection and yard sanitation is required. This will be done by distributing informative literature within a five-block radius of the epicenter. Personal protection and draining standing water will be emphasized. 4) When it is necessary to enter a property, the resident may be asked to sign a permission slip to allow inspection of the premises for mosquito breeding and to take action against both adult and juvenile mosquitoes. 5) During the evening hours, truck mounted sprayers will be assigned to spray Zone 6B, in an effort to reduce/maintain the vector population below the critical level as noted in the RFP 09-MOSQ-11, pages 39 and 40, Expanded Surveillance Protocol. 6) ULV Truck spraying in Zone 6B, will be conducted on the evenings of November 3rd, 4th, and 5th, as weather conditions permit. 7) The efficacy of this operation will be determined through the use of Gravid Traps that are scheduled for operation immediately following the completion of the mosquito control activities. The number of mosquitoes collected will serve to quantify the adult population and provide specimens to be submitted for testing at Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab.

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