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Comprehensive Master Plan

Director Christopher Pulaski


2003 Terrebonne Comprehensive Master Plan Study

Comprehensive Master Plan Maps

Draft Report
Appendix A
Appendix B
Figure 2-01 Development Zone Map
Figure 3-01 Proposed Highway Improvements
Figure 4-01 Montegut - Future Land Use
Figure 4-02 Bourg - Future Land Use
Figure 4-03 Chauvin - Future Land Use
Figure 4-04 Grand Caillou - Future Land Use
Figure 4-05 Dularge - Future Land Use
Figure 4-06 East Houma - Future Land Use
Figure 4-07 South Industrial - Future Land Use
Figure 4-08 North Industrial - Future Land Use
Figure 4-09 Schriever - Future Land Use
Figure 4-10 Gray - Future Land Use
Figure 4-11 Upper Bayou Blue - Future Land Use
Figure 4-12 Bayou Cane - Future Land Use
Figure 4-13 Hwy 311 - Future Land Use
Figure 4-14 Chacahoula - Future Land Use
Figure 4-15 Gibson - Future Land Use
Figure 4-16 Bayou Black - Future Land Use
Figure 4-17 Lower Bayou Blue - Future Land Use
Figure 4-18 West Houma - Future Land Use
Figure 4-19 Terrebonne Parish - Future Land Use

Comprehensive Master Plan Project

The following is a description of the major tasks in the Terrebonne Comprehensive Master Plan Project.

The project as reflected in this scope of work is quite extensive. The scope of work includes an analysis of the major issues facing the Parish, as well as the development of recommendations for the planned growth and development of Terrebonne Parish over the next twenty (20) years.

While land use in Terrebonne Parish continues to be on the forefront of much public discussion and debate, this plan includes analysis of all major comprehensive planning issues currently facing the Parish.

Public participation efforts will be a major component in the completion of the Plan. The public will be involved through several committees and focus groups, and the project team will work tirelessly to ensure public involvement in the process. The consultant team currently envisions regular meetings with the Project Steering Committee, and Focus Groups meetings as often as the participants can manage. In addition to Steering Committee and Focus Group meetings, the team will be available for public presentations on the plan during the project.

The following outline contains the major phases of the project.

  1. Project Initiation
    1. Establish Project Steering Committee.
    2. Project Kick-off Meeting
    3. Orientation of Focus Groups
    4. Parish Inventory and Projection

  2. Work Elements
    1. Introduction
    2. Work Elements
    3. Preparation of Draft Report
    4. Community Meetings

  3. Preparation of Final Report
    1. Final Report.

For more information, please contact Stephen C. Smith (985)-868-1050 or Pat Gordon (985)-873-6563.

Terrebonne Parish Comprehensive Master Plan:
Any comments or questions regarding the master plan project should be emailed

Original Scope Schedule

Any comments or questions regarding the 2003 master plan project should be emailed to masterp@tbsmith.

Terrebonne Parish Comprehensive Plan Update - Vision 2030 - has been made possible through a grant from the Louisiana Recovery Authority, Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit, Comprehensive Resilency with funds provided to Louisiana by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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