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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out how my property is zoned, what uses may be established on the property, and what the applicable setback requirements are for my property?

The uses that are allowed on a particular lot are governed by the regulations for the zoning district in which the lot is located and other general regulations. The minimum yard requirements, more commonly referred to as "setback requirements," along with other location regulations such as utility and/or drainage servitudes, restrict the location of structures on a lot. The setback requirements vary by zoning district. In order to find out the zoning of your property and how the use of the property is regulated, refer to the GIS Mapping System, or contact the office.

I want to build an addition to my house and/or add a deck/patio/pool. How close to the property line can these structures be built?

Construction of additions and/or decks and patios and pools require building permit(s). The distance from any proposed addition to the property lines is regulated by the minimum yard requirements (setback requirements) set forth in the zoning district regulations in the Zoning Ordinance. Each zoning district has unique minimum required yards and the answer depends on the zoning district in which your property is located. The construction of a deck/patio/pool is also regulated by the minimum yard requirements, but, depending on the height and features of the proposed deck, it may be permitted to extend into the minimum required yards. You will need to contact the office to discuss location restrictions on your property.

Are there any regulations regarding the location and height of fences and walls?

The construction of a fence or wall requires a building permit. The Parish Zoning Ordinance regulates the location of fences and walls on a lot based on the height of the fence or wall. On most residential lots, the Zoning Ordinance only allows a fence or wall of 4 feet or less in the front yard. Remember that on corner lots, the side yard between the principle building and the intersecting street has a 15' setback. In a side or rear yard, a fence or wall of not more than 8 feet is generally allowed. There are some limited exceptions to these rules for particular types of fences. For specific information regarding your property and designation of the yards on your lot, contact the office.

What are the restrictions on the placement of accessory structures (sheds, detached garages, pool houses, etc.) in residential yards?

The Parish regulates the location of all accessory structures and requires a Building Permit prior to any construction. The Zoning Ordinance contains regulations regarding the permitted location for accessory structures. Generally:

  • an accessory structure shall NOT be located (a) in any minimum required front or side yard on any lot or (b) occupy more than 30% of the required rear yard
  • an accessory structure may be located anywhere in a rear yard but not closer than 10 feet to the main structure and/or 5 feet to any side or rear property line or within a utility or drainage servitude
  • the height of an accessory structure cannot exceed the height of the main structure

No structures shall encroach into utility or drainage servitudes or established easements. Before locating an accessory structure on your property, please contact the office.

Can I operate a business from my home?

Under the Zoning Ordinance provisions, certain types of businesses may be conducted from a residence either as a Home Occupation (Section 28-1), which is subject to approval by the Houma-Terrebonne Regional Zoning and Land Use Commission following a public hearing, or as a Special Exception (Section 28-178), which is subject to the approval by the Houma Board of Adjustment following a public hearing. To determine if your proposed use will qualify as a Home Occupation or a Special Exception under the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance, please contact the office or the Planning Commission at (985) 873-6793.

The following application packages are available online:

Contact the office for additional information regarding the process. Please note that certain types of businesses may require additional permits or licenses from State or other Parish agencies, such as the Department of Health and Hospitals and the Department of Sales and Use Tax, among others.

How do I report a possible violation of zoning regulations?

Alleged violations of the Terrebonne Parish Zoning Ordinance may be reported directly to the Department of Planning and Zoning by one of the following methods:

  1. Online: fill out the Nuisance Complaint Form
  2. Phone: call the office during normal business hours

Anonymous complaints are accepted. When reporting an alleged violation, complainants should be able to provide the following information:

  • address of the property where the alleged violation is located
  • nature of complaint, with as many details as possible
  • name, address and contact phone number of complainant (if follow-up contact is desired)

WARNING: If requested under the Public Records Law, a requested anonymous posting may not be anonymous. While some anonymous requests may be subject to Public Records exemption statutes, others may not.


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