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Our Brand
Louisiana's Bayou Country™

Louisiana's Bayou Country™, Terrebonne Parish, provides enriching and fulfilling expriences for visitors, investors, businesses and residents. The unique landscape, natural resources, and cultural opportunities presented by one of America's largest and most productive wetlands, has shapped a distinctive way of life and joie de vivre of our hard working and fun loving residents. The beauty, the vitality and energy of this region offers all that live, work, play and invest here a bounty of rewards.

The Terrebonne Parish Brand Description

The Terrebonne Parish brand summarizes the Terrebonne Parish experience through the phrase, "Louisiana's Bayou Country™." This captures the distinctive essence of the region and spirit of the area from our customer's perspective. The brand encapsulates the unique natural setting of the area and the variety of opportunities created by the natural bayou/wetlands and how this has shaped the people, lifestyle and industries. This will guide our messages and product development initiatives.

Terrebonne Parish, located in southern Louisiana along the Gulf of Mexico, is a watery wonderland with bayous, waterways (including the Intracoastal Waterway), several lakes and access to the Gulf of Mexico. This natural environment is home to one of the world's great fisheries and has attracted many cultures to the region. Terrebonne Parish attracts many entrepreneurs and workers to a healthy oil and gas industry that operates in the Gulf. The environment also attracts visitors from around the world who are interested in sport fishing, bayou and swamp experiences, Cajun culture and history. The competitive advantage for Terrebonne Parish is one of America's largest and most productive wetlands, which influences all aspects of business, tourism and life in the region. Laying claim to "Louisiana's Bayou Country" puts Terrebonne Parish on the map as THE place for the definitive bayou experience.

  • From bayou adventures, saltwater fishing, or festivals and events, to cultural and historical experiences, a visit to Terrebonne Parish brings enriching experiences.
  • Our visitors depart feeling relaxed and rejuvenated by the positive and rewarding experiences with their friends and families.
  • This happens because Terrebonne Parish values its bayou culture and the experiences it offers to all its markets.