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Gravity Drainage

Our Mission

The Drainage Division was formed to meet the growing need for protection from flooding caused by rain and storms such as tropical depressions and hurricanes.

The Gravity Drainage Division cleans and maintains roadside ditches, culverts, and catch basins on all Parish Roads. The Maintenance Program is designed to dig roadside ditches to grade for better drainage. In addition, the Technical Staff collects data on roads to determine affects of high water on low lying areas and collects data on levees to determine where elevating is needed. The departments new culvert camera allows viewing inside of culverts which will help diagnose problems and save money with maintenance contractors, and also aid with inspection of new subdivisions.

In efforts to keep our parish beautiful, the Workforce Program cleans litter and debris from roadside ditches, bayous and canals. This Division also participates in the MS4 Program by placing "Fish Stickers" with messages in an attempt to educate the public on illegal dumping in catch basins and drains.

Gravity Drainage provides the following services:

To report problems or request a work order about culvert permits or general cleaning or roadside ditches or culverts, contact Stacey Bennett, Administrative Coordinator I, at (985) 873-6717, or email her at

You can also make a request using the form provided.