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Job Vacancies

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Think you're ready to join the TPCG team but not sure how to get started? No problem! Check the listing below to browse all the jobs we have to offer. If you think you'd be a good fit for a vacancy listed, don't waste any time! Things can move quickly around here, and we're ready to get to know you.

Fill out the employment application to start the process. The instructions are attached. Return the application along with your resume/cover letter (if applicable) to Human Resources in one of the following ways no later than the end of the business day on the vacancy's closing date:



Field Technician II

Cut grass and maintain bushes on public rights-of-way. Perform manual semi-skilled work. Perform repetitive duties under general supervision.
Posted on - 01/11/2023

Job #: 002
Solid, Hazardous and Recycling Waste/Vegetation
Starting Salary:
$12.74 - $16.35 per hour