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TPCG Productions

TPCG Productions

Our Mission

The mission of TPCG Productions, a section under Finance/Information Technology, is to produce and create high quality digital media content for parish residents and departments within TPCG.

Our Services

The TPCG Productions staff produces content in compliance will all parish news and information. We utilize all necessary software and equipment to create content in the form of: photography, advertisements, commercials, interviews, press releases, and drone footage.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Writing and providing scripts
  • Voiceover work as needed
  • Consulting on advertising and media options for parish events
  • Maintaining up to date camera equipment and editing software compatible for all viewing sources
  • Keeping all lines of communication open for all urgent parish news and updates
  • Using media resources to document parish news/events such as:
    • Press Releases
    • Capital Project updates
    • Sports and Community Events
  • Operating the Terrebonne Parish PEG Channel, TPTV

Our Productions

View some more of our productions

Stay up to date on our latest video productions by following us on our YouTube Youtube channel.