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Accomplishments and Goals

Accomplishments and Goals

Recent Accomplishments

  • Continued monthly departmental safety meetings to discuss accountability for losses and claims.
  • Continued aggressive management of liability claims through legal opinion, statutes, and ordinances.
  • Continued to coordinate between safety, department directors, supervisors, and claims to reduce and accelerate return to work programs.
  • Continued close monitoring of vendor/contractor/tenant insurance requirements in order to shift liability exposure away from the Parish.
  • Annual Employee Health Fair held for employees in order to promote wellness prevention in employee lifestyles.
  • Continued to maintain a cost-effective program for health care benefits by stabilizing costs to employees.
  • Continued to reduce number of worker's compensation lost time claims by aggressively managing the claim and with effective placement of light duty status employees in cooperation with welcoming departments.
  • Continued to closely monitor the cause and effect of workers' compensation claims and developing resolutions to any hazards, which may have contributed, to such incidents.
  • Continued to reduce workers' compensation claims by aggressively managing the claim and implementing return to work procedures.

Upcoming Goals and Objectives

  • Continue to promote, create accountability, and budget and communicate to all department directors the need to engage safety at the work site. Promote stop work program so employees can stop unsafe work without reprimand.
  • Continue to reduce the number of benefit claims by proactively communicating with employees the necessity use preventive healthcare as a way to eliminate future medical claims, promote regular health checkups to minimize loss time on the job.
  • Continue to mitigate and manage large claims by utilizing legal opinions from internal and external sources.
  • Continue to allocate safety training to departments based on needs, budgets, and prior loss history. Implement monthly safety meeting programs.
  • Continue to meet, negotiate, and structure TPCG’s insurance and Risk Management needs by being aware of new markets, conducting underwriting meetings.
  • Continue to reduce the number of vendors we purchase our insurance coverage through and negotiate fees that have real impact to our balance sheet.
  • Continue to maintain monthly director meetings to discuss loss history by department for workers' compensation, special excess liability, employment practices liability, and automobile liability. Use statistical data to assist in risk evaluation.
  • Continue to use statistical data along with increase in training and seminars to promote our safety programs to decrease incident rates and loss time injuries.