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Insurance Requirements for Vendors

Insurance Requirements for Vendors

To identify specific insurance requirements, please review the vendor types listed below. Additional information for each type can be found using the links provided. Insurance requirements differ depending on the nature of business with Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government.

"B" Vendors

Vendors who perform work on Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government's premises (other than new construction or renovations).

"D" Vendors

Vendors who deliver only.


Vendors who perform work for TPCG on premises and/or under a written contract (including renovations and new constructions).

Maintenance Contracts

Vendors who perform maintenance work for TPCG under a written contract.

Professional Services

Vendors who are Architects, Engineers, Consultants, etc.

Special Events

Vendors who sell products at parades, etc. and people who use TPCG property (buildings, parks, streets, Courthouse Square, etc.) for weddings, birthday parties, baseball tournaments, etc.

No Insurance Requirements

Vendors who do not deliver and do not come on our premises.